Monday, November 23, 2009

Web Anwsers is looking for experts!

Earn Extra Income

In addition to earning ongoing advertising royalties on all questions awarded to your account via "Best Answer", you have the opportunity to earn significantly more money for your overall participation on this site. We do this by showing advertisements on your behalf on many other areas of the site (not just "Best Answers" awarded to your account.) The formula we use to determine your additional on-site advertising exposure (showing ads on your behalf in many other areas of the site) is comprised of the following factors:


Account QS (Quality Score of your Postings)

Answer to Award Ratio

Answer Frequency

Other Relevant Factors

Most active experts on WebAnswers earn a significant portion of their money from advertisements displayed on other areas of the site. We display YOUR advertisements on other pages throughout WebAnswers using a proprietary formula incorporating the above factors. While we do not disclose the exact formula to determine how often we display your ads, we will mention quality of your answers is one of the most important factors.

The more value you provide the more likely you will earn even more money for your contributions.

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